This program is perfect for you if...

You want to save your marriage before it starts.

This program will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses as a couple, your differences, potential challenges and hot topics. This helps to open up the discussion to understand some of your expectations and desires before getting married.

Give your relationship the very best opportunity to have a successful marriage. Uncover your most important misbeliefs of marriage. Learn how to communicate with understanding. Discover the secret to reducing conflict and resolving conflict. Learn some skills in money management. Find understanding in your sexual needs and desires. Understand three essential ingredients to lasting love.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is used by counselors, coaches, and churches across the country, now in twenty languages worldwide.

There is a Symbis Assessment, book and workbook with seven questions to ask before - and after - you marry.

  • Face the myths of marriage with honesty?
  • Identify each other’s love style?
  • Develop the habit of happiness.
  • Say what you mean and understand what you hear.
  • Bridge the gender gap.
  • Fight a good fight.
  • Are you soulmates?

How can coaching help save your marriage before it starts?

Over the last four decades, marriage specialists have researched the ingredients of a happy marriage. As a result, we know more about building a successful marriage today than ever before. Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is a tool to get you on a good path toward success.

The Symbis Assessment helps a couple unpack their unique personalities and how they are each designed to approach everything from communication and conflict resolution to sex and intimacy.

  • Dig deep into your two personalities.
  • Discover how you fit together as a couple.
  • Learn what you can do to leverage the differences in your personalities for lifelong love.

The Pre Marital Coaching Process

You take the Symbis Assessment.  You will both get a 15 page personalized report.  We will go over the report along with a workbook that includes fun exercises to help you apply what you learn with engaging conversations along the way.  You will learn the secrets to to building a marriage that lasts.

Text 954-592-7771 and book an appointment now.  Just text your name, that you want to book a pre-marital session, what day and times works best and I will text next steps.