This program is perfect for you if...

You feel like you need someone to talk to. You feel like you just need someone to help you sort it out. You want to, sort of, reconcile your life and make sense of it. You want to find a better path. Maybe you need to talk about your relationship One on One.

I have said there are two reasons to look back. To learn and to heal. Then it is looking at your life now. What do you really want and how do you get there?

Relationships are complicated. Life can be complicated. I am here to help you sort it out.

Sometimes we need a listening ear, someone to talk to.

Sometimes we need a One on One session to help us navigate challenges in a relationship.

Sometimes we need someone to help us reconcile where we have been, where we are, and where we want to be.

  • Sometimes we need to evaluate how we are doing in life and what we need to work on.
  • Sometimes we figure out what we really want and what the next step is in getting there.
  • We are spiritual beings.  Sometimes we need help in finding peace in our spiritual lives.

How coaching can be a source of encouragement.

Sometimes we need a safe place to be ourselves and talk about some of the challenges we have in this life. Having a coach provides that safe place. Not only by listening but to help one find answers. Having a coach can help you get to a healthier place in relationships and in life.

I work virtually using the means listed below.

  • Facetime
  • Zoom Call
  • Cell Phone Call

The Process is Simple

Simply text the number below.  Text your name, that you want a One on One session, what day of the week works best and what time of day.

Text 954-592-7771 and book an appointment now.  Just text your name, that you want to book a one on one session, what day and time works best.  I will text next steps.