This program is perfect for you if...

You want a better relationship with the members in your family.

Relationships are complicated. Sometimes mothers and daughters have a complicated relationship. They want to have a good relationship but often find themselves in the middle of misunderstanding and conflict. Sometimes we need a third party to help us talk to each other and to help us set healthy boundaries. A third party can help you navigate through some of the real issues and help you work towards a more loving relationship and help you building memories, while you still have time.

Sometimes it is sorting out the past hurts, finding some understanding, and working on forgiveness, healing, and health.

All of us have some disfunction in our families. Some of us, more than others. A third party can help families talk about the real issues in order find understanding and restoration.

  • We can meet up in a zoom call.
  • It doesn’t all have to be heavy.  We can have some fun in finding understanding.
  • Learn to listen, understand, and grow.

How can a family coach help your family?

Family relationships can be complicated. There may be some hurt in upbringing. Favoritism. Misunderstandings. Words said. Lack of time. Abuse. A coach can help a family sort it out and help to find healing. Sometimes we need to ask God to help us find this healing. I'm not a miracle worker but I know One.

We are all flawed individuals trying to do life together. Life is short. Sometimes we just need a safe place to find some understanding and answers in how to be a healthier family.

  • We will have a common goal to work toward.
  • We will provide a safe environment to be heard.
  • We will have homework, find practical answers, and healthy boundaries.

The Coaching Process

The coaching process is pretty simple.  You make an appointment.  I send those involved an email of four questions to be answered.  We have a zoom call and I help you navigate toward understanding and healing.

Text 954-592-7771  to book an appointment now.  Just text your name, that you want to book a family session, what day and time works best.  I will text next steps.