This program is perfect for you if...

You know you want to be in the relationship. You know you want to have a healthy relationship. You are willing to work together toward a healthy relationship.

Couples that make the most improvement are the ones that aren't pointing their fingers at each other but are ready to look at themselves and take responsibility for their part of the problem.

Before we have our first session, based on your email question responses, I will have some good insight as to the big picture, what the real issues are, and will have a plan to work toward your goals.

Before our first session, I will send you both an email of four questions to answer. I have found these four questions give a lot of helpful insight. It saves us time and helps us be more productive.

  • We will work on healthy communication and conflict resolution.
  • We will talk about the real issues, find more understanding, and practical answers.
  • We will discover your communication styles, triggers, and destructive behavior.
  • I will provide a safe place for both of you to be heard and understood.
  • I will send practical homework that will help you work toward your goals.

How coaching can save your relationship?

I have had several couples close to divorce when we began our sessions. I have yet to have a couple get divorced after our sessions. However, I do believe divorce can be an option. We all want to be in a relationship that we want to be in. And there are deal breakers. But I have found that if two people want it to work, it can work. There is hope.

Couples have patterns. We will discover your pattern and find answers to create a new pattern of life, health, and happiness. Happiness is fleeting. It comes and goes by the moments and circumstances. But relationships can find balance, commitment, forgiveness, a new pattern. Love.

  • There is no perfect marriage.  No perfect partner.  And most couples came together for a reason.  Marriage can be work.  But at the end of the day, marriage is worth it.
  • It is amazing how we can go, for years even, and not talk about the real issues.  This is a place to do that.
  • Having a third party helps create a safe place to work through issues.  Every couple on the planet could benefit from having a third party at times.

The Coaching Process

The coaching process is pretty simple.  It is two people coming together with a third party to help them navigate through their issues.  We meet virtually using FaceTime, Zoom or Cell Phone Call.  I will go over the take aways from your email answers.  We will determine the real issues.  We will begin to communicate about the real issues in more healthy ways.  The goal is to be heard, to find understanding, to still be respected, and to find practical answers toward a healthy, loving relationship.

Text 954-592-7771  to book an appointment now.  Just text your name, that you want to book a couple’s session, what day and time works best.  I will text next steps.