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Couples Coaching

I will help you determine the real issues and begin working through those issues using healthy communication skills that I will teach you. There is hope.

Pre Marital Coaching

Do you want to save your marriage before it gets started? I am certified in the Symbis Assessment by Les and Leslie Parrott. This is a great tool to help you really learn about yourselves as a couple, your strengths and weaknesses, some of the challenges you may face, your differences, and potential hot topics. It is fun and you will learn so much!!

One on One Coaching

I have had many requests to have one on one sessions. Sometimes it is about looking back in your story to discover what you have learned, what you still need to heal from and how your story is still at work in your life...both for good and in your challenges. It is a time of self discovery, healing, and health. Discovering where you are now and where you want to be.

Mother/Daughter/Family Coaching

Sometimes mothers and daughters have challenges. Both while growing up and after adulthood. I provide a safe place to work through some of the mother and daughter relationship challenges. Just like couples, it is about understanding, healing, and health. It is about restoring relationships or just learning to communicate and setting healthy boundaries. I also work with mothers-in-love and daughters-in-love and whole families.

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Practical sessions toward understanding, healing, and health.

Relationships are challenging.  But they are worth it.  I am here as a third party to help you navigate.  I will do my best to help you.  May God help me.  May God help us.

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Angie is a life changer, having God-given skills for helping couples and relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are common questions.  Feel free to text or email with other questions if you have them.  954-592-7771 or

  • When do I pay you?

    I send an invoice the following day. The session needs to be paid for before the next session. You can pay using Stripe or Zelle.

  • Do we need to be in the same location?

    You do not need to be in the same location or on the same device.

  • How often are sessions?

    Sessions are determined based on need. Often couples begin with sessions once a week, then soon every other week, once a month, once a quarter, once a year as a check up. Sessions are based on schedule, budget, and need.

  • Do you work with insurance?

    No. Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover coaching. I keep my costs affordable.

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    You can schedule a session on line or by texting 954-592-7771.  Just text your name, that you want a session, what day and times works best.  I will text next steps.

    Will respond within 24 hours.

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    Mon – Fri: (9 am to 6 pm)
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