Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut as to what to do together as a couple.
Below is a list to draw from:
Go for a walk in the evening
Read together in the same room, spa music – different books
Watch a movie in bed – taking turns choosing the movie – Popcorn
Binge watch
Do a couples workbook together
Go on a picnic. yes: blanket, basket, wine, cheese, fruit
Play a game. Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Rummy, Catan
Learn together • write a paper on a particular topic
Cook together – One does the protein, the other a salad
Golf or go to a driving range
Go to a local event
Make time with friends
Eat out for breakfast
Plan a road trip
Go out for ice cream or dessert
Lotion and Massage
Lay down expectations and just let it be what it is. Stay away from topics that could bring
stress or an argument. Relax and enjoy time together. Smile. Laugh. Be Thankful!

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