Interdependence is two whole, healthy people coming together to have a healthy relationship. Not so dependent that we are not ok on our own. And not so independent that you don’t need each other. When we are too dependent on our partner, it is a sign we are not whole and healthy ourselves. One way to become whole and healthy is to fill our lives up with as many good and healthy things that we can in all areas of our lives. We are spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, and relational beings. Spiritually, I believe it is having a relationship with God. When we realize how much God loves us, how He cares for us, how He is our Provider, our Comforter, Our Heavenly Father, the One that we can run to with all of our cares, the One that it is absolutely healthy to completely depend on…then we can stop depending on our partner to fill all of our needs. Emotionally, I believe we need to “reconcile” our life. I say there are two reasons to look backward. To discover what we have learned and to discover what we still need to heal from. Physically, we need to take care of ourselves with healthy choices. Intellectually, we need to constantly be learning. What can I learn? How can I grow as human being? Relationally, we need to connect with others, not only with our partner. I’m not talking about the opposite sex. I’m talking about friendships that are supportive of you as a person and also supportive of your partner. Healthy fun is also great for the spirit, soul, body, and mind.

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