Finances is a common issue with couples. For some, what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. They have shared income and expenses and shared accounts. For some, both contribute to income and expenses but there is an agreed upon amount that is contributed to the rent/mortgage, utilities, and other shared bills while managing their own personal income and expenses. For some, one is the provider and the other may have a supplement income but mostly takes care of the household, children, and schedules. Personally, I believe a joint/shared financial plan is the most relationship building but what matters is that it works for that couple. Conflict arises when a couple is not in agreement related to income, spending, and saving; when one makes considerably more than the other; when one feels the weight of paying bills and the other is just spending. A place to start is to have a sit down and create a financial plan together. In a joint/shared relationship, a beginning place is going over your income and expenses. Creating a budget and living within your means. Having shared financial dreams is a way to get on the same page with spending and saving. Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey is a great course to help you get on a more wise financial plan.

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