Story of my life

I help couples / families determine their real issues then help them talk about those issues in a way that brings more understanding, healing, and health.

From where it began

After 24 years of marriage and not getting good counsel myself:

I went back to school and got two Bachelor's degrees from Liberty University, one in Counseling and one in Life Coaching.

I took my training seriously as I believed there was a great need for practical counsel that would help couples talk about the real issues and get to a better place. After graduating, I had a close friend that was struggling in her own marriage. She and her husband first asked me to work with them and another couple virtually. We worked together for several sessions then they asked to work together, just me. After working with my friend and her husband, my friend told me, "Angie, this is what you need to be doing! You are so good at it!". I began working with couples and found it so rewarding. Couples were finding hope and making improvements after just one session. I'm not about endless sessions. We go week to week. It's about finding practical answers for the benefit of your relationship.

A common scenario is to start a session every week, then every other week, once a month, once a quarter, once a year. This is ideal but we can work according to your schedule and budget.


years of experience


sessions per year


evening Sessions (evening sessions are limited)

Turned into profession

From a fearful, depressed, divorced mom to a successful Relationship/ Communication/ Life Coach.

I have helped many couples get to a better place. I am always learning and growing in order to better help others. I have built relationships of trust so that those I help can be real and feel safe and heard.

Journey of my life

A Relationship/
Communication / Life Coach,
Wife, Proud Mom of 2, Nana of 7. I have a Wonderful Daughter-in-Love, a Wonderful Son-in -Love and 2 Terrific Stepsons.

2008: Remarried

I have been remarried for 13 years to a great guy, Geoff. He is the love of my life. He loves my kids and grandkids and they love him.

2014: Graduated from Liberty University

Attending Liberty University was a great accomplishment for me. I loved every bit of it. I loved writing, learning, and maintaining good grades. Graduated Summa Cum Laude.

2011 - Date: Began Working with Families and Couples

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Angie is a life changer having God-given skills for helping couples and relationships.

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