What can you gain from a session?

Learn how to talk to each other rather than arguing for hours. Work through your unresolved issues. Get your relationship to a better place. Find answers, understanding, hope, and healing. I believe God has given me a very practical format to help couples find practical answers...even as a last resort.

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Text for Appointment at 954-592-7771 Text your name, what kind of session you want to schedule (Couples, One on One, or Family), and when you are available for a session. I’ll then let you know next steps. Feel free to text what your main struggle is and what you are hoping for from a session. You can also schedule a Free 15 Minute Virtual or Phone Call Session to meet me first, if you like.

I’m Angela –




Life Coach 

from South Florida.

Let me introduce myself

I am a Summa Cum Laude Liberty University Graduate. I have two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Psychology, one in Counseling and one in Life Coaching. I am certified in the Post Marriage and Pre Marital Symbis Assessment. I am a member of the International Christian Coaches Association. I have worked with students, families, singles, adult mothers and daughters, unmarried couples, engaged couples, newly married couples, couples that have been married for years; couples needing help with communication and conflict resolution; couples wanting to rebuild trust, intimacy and passion; and couples considering divorce. I work virtually using FaceTime, Zoom, or Cell Phone Audible.

What Others Are Saying

Julie Castro
Julie Castro
I have learned form Angie that a third party is helpful in working out differences and unresolved issues. Having an unaffected third party present helps you to stay on track as you, together, practice staying calm throughout the process. Angie helps you to really really listen to each other, communicating in an effective way that can facilitate purposeful change going forward. I recommend Angie's services.
mariana dontu
mariana dontu
Angie is very intuitive! She genuinely cares about her clients and gives helpful honest feedback and insight. She listens intently and displays tremendous empathy. I couldn't have picked someone more suitable for me. She is just a fantastic problem-solver who has always been able to help me resolve my issues.
Judithann Rayc Gordon
Judithann Rayc Gordon
We appreciated Angie's impartial counsel. She made both of us feel comfortable to share and helped us understand each other’s point of view. She gave us practical exercises and homework. She helped us discover some of our unhealthy patterns and destructive behaviors. We are learning how to practice healthy communication and conflict resolution. Angie remains a trusted source for both my husband and I. We recommend her services 100%! Judith
Lexie Beverly (This_Amazon_Lex)
Lexie Beverly (This_Amazon_Lex)
Angie is caring her goal is to protect and nurture our marriage vs. defend or side either myself or my spouse, she effectively brings us back to one and reminds us we're a team. She's helped us learn to communicate better and more, with patience and love.
Daniel Viola
Daniel Viola
Working with Angie has been amazing and a huge blessing. My wife and I are new to marriage and are so happy that we have her in our lives. She has taught us the importance of communicating effectively and in love, being attentive to each other’s needs, listening to each other and Applying. Angie has a true passion for what she does and it shows in how she communicated and in the practical assignments that she Taylor makes to each couples marriage. She really listens and has just an amazing insight into marriage from a Biblical perspective. We are continuing to grow everyday with her help as she always points us in Gods direction.


years experience


sessions per year


Evening Sessions per year

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My Practice

Couples, Families, and One on One Sessions

Healthy Communication, Conflict Resolution, Discover Triggers, Destructive Behavior, Communication Styles, Unhealthy Patterns, and Healthy Boundaries.


Life-changing sessions for couples, regardless of marital status.

One on One

Have a one on one session towards health and wellness. I will listen and help you get on the path you want to be on.


Join me with your family and we’ll discuss the real issues, find understanding, healing, and healthy boundaries.

Pre Marital

Save your marriage before it begins. Discover your strengths, weaknesses, differences, potential challenges, and hot topics. Open up the discussion to find understanding before you get married.


I am not a miracle worker but I know One.

See available sessions here.

Who needs a coach?

Benefits of having a relationship/ communication/ life coach.

Every one of us could benefit from a relationship /communication/life coach. Coaching is not psychotherapy. Coaching does not diagnose, "treat", or prescribe. Coaching is more practical and hands-on. It focuses on goals and creating a new life path. Coaching focuses on wellness in all areas of life. Marriage and Family.Coach focuses on healthy relationships, healthy families, healthy communication, and healthy life.

Marriage & Love
Life Coaching

Session Cost

Simple prices, flexible options, & nothing hidden.

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Angie is a life changer with God given skills for helping couples and relationships.

The Process

Your journey towards health and healing begins here...

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Once your session is booked, I will send you an email with four questions to be answered beforehand.  This helps to give me valuable insight and helps us save time and be more productive.

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